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The International Real Estate Federation, FIABCI, is a business organization of real estate professionals in 65 countries which represents approximately 100 national real estate associations and holds a special “consultative” status to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations Organization (ECOSOC). FIABCI is a non-political entity whose objective is to help its members add an international dimension to their businesses and helps members acquire knowledge, develop networks and optimize business opportunities throughout the world.
Truly International
FIABCI owes no allegiance to any single country or national body, only to its members. In this respect it is completely democratic. Senior office in the Federation is held according to ability and willingness to contribute.
Anyone involved in real estate can belong to FIABCI whether they are surveyors, brokers, lawyers, financiers, architects, developers, counsellors, accountants, contractors, insurers or investors.
Wide Membership
All Real Estate Sectors Represented. Residential, office, commercial, leisure, agricultural, retail and industrial plus their various sub-divisions are included.
Multi-Lingual Federation
Fiabci uses five official languages, English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish. Simultaneous translators are provided at the World Congress Board Meetings and most Committee meetings.


Society “FIABCI – LATVIA” is FIABCI national department in the form of non-profit public organisation.
Purposes and tasks of the Society:
1) to popularize the purposes of the International Organization “The International Real Estate Federation” (in abbreviation – “FIABCI”) (in translation to Latvian – “The International Real Estate Federation”) and to engage in the realization of them in the territory of the Republic of Latvia;
2) to protect in the International level the collective morality and the professional interests of the Members and of the groups that form them;
3) to ensure for the participators of the real estate market an opportunity to improve the quality of the activities and to raise the competitiveness sharing their knowledge, the information and the possibilities of entrepreneurship in the regional, national and International level;
4) to ensure the direct access to the real estate contacts and to the business possibilities in the International level;
5) to facilitate the improvement of labour relations between the private and the state sector for the sake of the society with the activities in the field of real estate;
6) to facilitate the exchange of information on the significant market, economical, corporative, administrative and technological circumstances that influence the industry;
7) to support the exchange of culture and education among the real estate specialists in different countries.