Academic Institutions

College of Law
College of low established in 2000, is the first college in Latvia to be internationally accredited. It is vested with rights to issue state acknowledged documents for the acquirement of the first level professional higher education (associate degree). Graduates from a two-year study programme are recognised to have obtained first-level higher education; these programmes are known in Europe as short-cycle education, where as in the USA and Canada and elsewhere they are described as community college education leading to an associate degree. College of Law graduates receive a specialised professional qualification one that is recognised in the national job market.
A total of 1200 students are presently enrolled at the College, with the central facilities located in Riga and with four branches elsewhere in Latvia. Five study programmes are on offer: law, personnel management, property administration and management, bookkeeping and finance. Graduates accrue 80 – 88 credit points (120 – 132 ECTS). Students and lecturers may benefit from the ERASMUS programme to study and to raise their professional qualifications at institutions of higher education elsewhere in Europe.
The College of Law has acceded to the United Nations PRME (the Principles for Responsible Management Education) programme and also is a member of the European Association of Higher Education Institutions.
Director – Talavs Jundzis, Chairman of the Association of Latvian Colleges, Full Member of Latvian Academy of Sciences, PhD in Law, habilitated doctor in political sciences.
Study Programmes:
• Law
• Commerce
• Human resources management
• Accounting and finance
• Administration and management of real estate
Address: Kronvalda bulvaris 1a, Riga, Latvia, LV-1010
Phone: +371 29454614, +371 26565322
Fax: +371 67508006



Institute of Civil Construction and Real Estate Economics Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management
Riga Technical University (RTU)
Riga Technical University (RTU) is the largest university in Latvia offering a wide range of engineering majors. RTU has long-standing almost 150 years old traditions dating back to the establishment of Riga Polytechnic in 1862. The Faculty of Engineering Economics (FEE) is a successor of academic traditions instituted by the Department of the Commercial Sciences opened in 1868 under Riga Polytechnics. The FEE was established in 1966 with three initial departments: Economy and Organisation of Production (EOPD), Political Economy, and Labour Protection Department.
FEE provides all levels of higher education in economics and carries out methodological work and research in various economy related areas. The Faculty is training specialists in two internationally accredited programs (Economy, and Entrepreneurship and Management) in 15 specialisations. The FEE conducts research in 15 areas. The graduates of the Faculty are successfully working in all the branches of Latvian national economy and are significantly contributing to the development of economy and education in Latvia. The FEE is creatively co-operating with the Latvia Academy of Sciences, higher educational establishments in Germany, Norway, Russia, Lithuania, the Ukraine etc. Five FEE professors are academicians of the International Academy. Students, in their turn, have become the winners of various contests and competitions. The Faculty is engaged in regular students exchange between the FEE and foreign universities.
Since September, 1st 2005 the RTU Faculty of Engineering Economics the first has suggested to receive a professional degree of the bachelor on a speciality “Real Estate Activity” (Department of Civil Construction, Real Estate Economics and Management).
Address: 1/7, Meza street, Riga LV-1048, Latvia
Phone: +371 67089360
Fax: +371 67089034



Department of Construction Economics and Property Management
Faculty of Civil Engineering
Vilnius Gediminas Tecnical University  
Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) is a state higher academic school which has the rights of legal entity and acts as a public institution. The University was established by the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania. It is one of the largest schools of higher education in Lithuania, which strives for leading position among Baltic countries in technical and engineering education as well as the field of scientific research. VGTU is the second university in Lithuania according to the number of “study baskets” granted and the only technical university among the Baltic states in the QS World University Rankings 2012/2013. Vilnius Gediminas Technical University pursues to foster highly qualified, creative and socially active specialists, who would be able to successfully adapt to both Lithuanian and foreign markets of education and labour.
Today’s Faculty of Civil Engineering is the largest structural subdivision of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. The Faculty is directly involved in the University’s activity while shaping technical and general culture of our country’s society, educating an individual and the public, and, ultimately, creating material well-being. Its role is to develop and communicate scientific knowledge, as well as to prepare diplomate specialists for the most essential contemporary and future activity fields in our country and abroad. Apart from being the largest VGTU faculty, the Faculty of Civil Engineering is the second largest faculty in Europe (the first largest faculty is analogous faculty of Technical University in Prague). Department of Construction Economics and Property Management established in 2001. Head of Department: Prof Dr Habil Arturas Kaklauskas.
Address: Saulėtekio al. 11, SRL-I, 506 kab. , LT-10223 Vilnius Lithuania
Phones: +370 68512218; +370 52745235




School of Economics and Business Administration of Tallinn University of Technology 
Tallinn University is an innovative and academically enriching university. It is acknowledged both locally and internationally for its role as a centre for science and education.
The mission of Tallinn University is to support the sustainable development of Estonia through research and its application to academic partnership, including the preparation of intellectuals as well as public dialogue in order to facilitate this partnership.
Tallinn University incorporates19 institutes and 6 colleges in which study and research is conducted in six different disciplines:
  • Educational sciences
  • Humanities
  • The Arts
  • Natural sciences
  • Social sciences
  • Health sciences
Address: Narva mnt 25, 10120 Tallinn, Estonia
Telephone: (+372) 640 9101
Fax: (+372) 640 9116



Kaunas university of technology
KTU is one the largest technological universities in the Baltics. Known for its linkages with business, leadership in scientific research, flexible interdisciplinary study programmes and unforgettable study experience, KTU is fast forwarding to becoming an internationally acknowledged institution of higher education.
To provide a research-based studies of international level, to create and to transfer knowledge and innovative technologies for sustainable development and innovative growth of the country, to provide an open creative environment that inspires leaders and talented individuals.
Address: K. Donelaičio g. 73, 44249, Kaunas, Lithuania
Phones: +370 37 300 000, +370 37 300 421
Fax: +370 37 324 144