Public Sector members

Ministry of Economics of Latvia
The Ministry of Economics is the leading state administrative institution in the field of economic policy formation in Latvia.

The aim of the Ministry of Economics is to reach the competitiveness of the national economy at European level. Therefore the Ministry promotes sustainable development of structurally and regionally balanced national economy. The Ministry is working closely with non-government organizations representing the entrepreneurs and other social partners.

The Ministry of Economics develops and enforces the structural policy of national economics and ensures the representation of the economic interests of Latvia abroad, develops the policies of industry, energy, internal market (for goods and services), the development of business activities, the development of competitiveness and technologies, consumer rights protection, housing, building, and the policy of tourism and foreign trade policy.

The main aims of the building policy are to promote development of the building sector by ensuring favourable and competitive business environment, decreasing administrative barriers, improving the control system, and ensuring operative circulation of the building information, as well as by promoting introduction of energy efficiency and environmentally friendly building principles.

The aim of the housing policy is to foster quality and accessibility of the housing by ensuring a normative base for efficient management of residential buildings, fostering the establishment of a housing fund in the territories of local governments, and supporting energy efficiency measures in residential buildings.

Address: 55 Brivibas Str., Riga, Latvia LV – 1519,
Tel.: + 371 67013287,


Riga City Construction Board

Riga City Construction Board is a authority, subordinated by chairman of the Riga City Council, who coordinates and carries out the supervision and control of the construction proceses in the administrative territory of Riga.

Riga City Construction Board also makes decisions on assigning addresses to land plots, buildings and groups of premises, coordinates and determines land use and building regulations, protection of cultural monuments and visual quality of the environment in accordance with the Riga spatial plan and legislation.

Address: Amatu Street 4, Riga, Latvia, LV-1050
Tel.: +371 29184586