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Latvian Real Estate Association LANIDA

Latvian Real Estate Association LANIDA was founded in 1994. It is an independent, non-governmental organization that uniting real estate specialists – approximately 300 brokers and real estate agents (or broker candidates). The best known Latvian real estate companies, which have proven themselves in Latvian real estate market, are members of the association.
LANIDA always welcomes professionals who want to work honestly and in compliance with the Rules of Ethics of the association. Each member of LANIDA receives a certificate that approves the professional competence in real estate business. Voluntary certification does not impose any restrictions on business activities; it offers the chance to put the professional environment in order and guarantees the clients maximum safety and high level of services.

One of the major directions of LANIDA’s activity is bringing the real estate market to the utmost order. This can be achieved by enhancing the competence and professionalism of the members, as well as by standardizing their activities. Currently we are working on development of Practical Standards, which will contain clearly expressed requirements regarding the documents and the work with client in real estate business. A common standardized mediation agreement is being developed for all the companies that are members of the association. Since 2004 LANĪDA is a member of CEPI (European Council of Real Estate Professions).

19 Elizabetes street, Riga LV-1010, Latvia
Phone: (+371) 67332034
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